Oil Spill India 2012
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Spilled oil poses serious threats to Environment. Its aftereffect can seriously create problem that can damage the mere existence of all the living being. Impact of this spill can be so severe that if these measures are not implemented at the right time can be irreparable. Any oil spills, onshore or offshore needs to be analyzed seriously and mitigation methods should be applied to minimize the damages.

I am happy to know that the ITEN Media is organizing Oil Spill India conference and exhibition in association with Spill Association of India (SAI) at Goa from 18th to 20th Sept., 2014.

This conference will provide the best platforms that highlight the causes of oil spill, mitigation methods, regulations and guidelines, technological innovations in equipments & training needs to the people for damage control in time.

With the hope that all the experts in the field will come together and bring out the solutions required in the oil spill, I wish all the participants and other dignitaries success in their endeavor.

I also congratulate the organizers for coming up with this event, which would undoubtedly help address this concern effectively and wish them success.

Kind Regards,

Manohar Parrikar
Hon'ble Chief Minister, Goa
Oil spills can cause a catastrophic damage to the environment of a region & country at large. Any spills be in onshore or offshore needs to be challenged seriously and mitigation methods be applied to minimise the damages.

Oil Spill India (OSI) an international conference & exhibition being organized by Iten Media Pvt. Ltd is one of the best platforms that highlights the causes of oil spill, mitigation methods, regulations, guidelines, technological innovations in equipments & training needs to the people for damage control in time.

OSI was launched in the year 2011 and has been successfully running since then. Apart from many takeaways from the OSI 2012 conference, specially discussed the need for training to personnels and implementing the learning into practice to reduce the damages to bare minimum.

Organized every two years OSI conference attracts spill professionals from the global community to discuss advances in technology, share knowledge , experience & collaborate together for a better tomorrow. There is also a need to create a platform for awareness on oil spills and its affects to the general public.

OSI 2014 conference will provide some of the answers through its well researched presentations by global professionals having wide experience on Oil spill management

Oil Spill India 2014 is one of the must attend event in

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  • “It was a well organized International Conference on the Oil Spills covering all aspects related to the subject and most probably updated all concerned on the subject. Wish you all the best for future endeavour.”

    Dr. P.B. Rastogi,
    Ministry of Environment & Forests

  • “Thanks to iTEN for organizing such an eye-opening Conference on the Oil Spill Hazard.”

    R K Talukdar,

  • “I was pleased with his experience at Oil Spill India. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.”

    Capt. Farhat Imam,
    RESOLVE Marine Group, Inc

  • “I congratulate you all at ITEN media for conducting the event very successfully. It was a great pleasure to speak and network with very important dignitaries and stakeholders at this arena.”

    Subhajit Sarkar,
    Wipro Technologies

  • “Congratulations to you and your team for putting up such a well organized event. The venue, the speakers, entertainment etc was well planned and executed.”

    John P. Menezes,
    Menezes and Associates

  • “I feel the event was a great success and look forward to supporting the next one.”

    Geraint Richards,
    Lamor Corporation Ab

  • “I am really thankful for your courtesy and nice organization of event”

    Dr. Y.B. Sontakke,

  • “Thanks again for the invitation to OSI 2011 and congratulations for succeeding in organizing such a well attended event.”

    Thomas Liebert,
    IOPC Funds

  • “The quality of conference was excellent.”

    Dr. R. S. Kankara,
    Ministry of Earth Sciences

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