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Dear Industry Colleagues,

In the wake of the recent Sundarbans Oil Spillincident, we are yet again reminded of the fragility of similar eco-sensitive areas in the waters following any oil spill & the increasing amount of uncertainty for similar incidents. Fortunately since the last Oil Spill India Conference in September 2014 at Goa, the quantum of work been done & the progress made on actionable points by various stakeholders of the industry led by Indian Coast Guards (ICG) has been noteworthy.
We are riding a new wave of expansive research, innovation and renewed dedication to advancing effectiveness in oil spill response capabilities. Leading the wave of change is the Indian Coast Guard through numerous measures including: the recently released & comprehensively revised National Oil Spill Disaster Contingency Plan 2015 (NOS-DCP), which meets international standards; An Online Oil Spill Advisory system-a system that places India amongst a select list of countries that have indigenously developed capabilities for prediction of trajectory of oil spills; Mapping of environmental sensitivities in coastal zones, deployment of Aerial Dispersant Spray System &finally facilitating the regional oil spill contingency plans under the auspices of the South Asia Cooperative Environment Program of the United Nations including development of national plans for Maldives and Sri Lanka.
One of the central goals of the Oil Spill India (OSI) Conference is to partake at this critical juncture in brining a promising future for the global oil spill industry & its stakeholders. Since its inception in 2011, OSI has continually evolved & OSI 2016 will be no exception in meeting the changing needs and interests of the community that it serves. Themed “Commitment, Synergy, Excellence” OSI 2016 will continue its tradition of providing a forum on stakeholders commitment for Environmental Sustainability, Oil Spill Preparedness & Prevention, the need for Synergy in Oil Spill Response & Excellence in Restoration efforts.
It is with great pleasure that I, on behalf of the Advisory Committee, invite you to participate in the 4th edition of Oil Spill India Conference (OSI), to be held in India.
Whether you are a technologist seeking to describe a new development, a scientist or engineer wishing to share a new application or an oil producer wanting to share experiences of your specific needs, Oil Spill India conference provides you with a unique opportunity.
Please join us in this worthy and exciting mission. Your participation is vital to achieving the goals of this conference and the advancement of the effectiveness of the international oil spill community.
A.K. Hazarika
Chairman – Advisory Board
Oil Spill India 2016
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